Barbecue and Bourbon, Speedway, Indiana

Bourbon and BBQ

Barbeque and Bourbon is a family owned restaurant in Speedway, Indiana.    It was founded by Dave Huff, who started catering in 2006 and, quite quickly, became known for his Memphis style, wood smoked BBQ.

Upon entering, it just “looks” like a BBQ joint to me.  Rustic, with lots of wood, it’s a nice combination of looking like it’s thrown together and nicely decorated.  I felt right at home right away.

Service was great!  Our server (Who’s name I neglected to get) was friendly and capable and knew the menu well.  Of course, my mind was made up, I ordered the breaded tenderloin, which I thought was fairly priced at 8.50 with a side of chips and habanero onions.


This was a fantastic tenderloin!  The meat is moist and tasty, and the breading is wonderfully crispy/crunchy.  The breading itself is nicely seasoned, with just enough seasoning to compliment, instead of overwhelm the taste of the meat.  It was served dressed as I requested.  I believe this one stacks up against any of the best tenderloins in the state, and it’s certainly a 5 out of 5 bites in my book.  Just a word about the habanero onions.  I was unsure of that at first…and considered telling them just to leave them off (they’re a side item) but they’re absolutely fantastic.  I’ll get them again in a heartbeat.

For her lunch, Holly chose a pulled pork sandwich. For Holly, the pulled pork in a restaurant is a good barometer to see how well the restaurant does all of their food.  She’ll often order it if she can’t make a decision on what she wants to get, and then explore other offerings on return visits.  The pulled pork at BBQ and Bourbon is reported to be tender and flavorful, not mushy like some pulled pork can tend to be.  Her favorite part was trying all of the different sauces available.


Barbeque and Bourbon is located at 1414 Main Street in Speedway, Indiana.  You can find them online at


One thought on “Barbecue and Bourbon, Speedway, Indiana

  1. Bourbon and BBQ has a special on Monday evenings, the tenderloin and a side for $6. What a deal! I love the tenderloin there also.

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