Lou’s Diner, Cloverdale, Indiana

Lou's outside

We were in West Central Indiana, doing a 5k benefit walk for the Exotic Feline Rescue Center, and figured right after a 5k was a great time to eat a breaded tenderloin!

Before we dig into the review, let me mention the EFRC in Center Point, Indiana.  It’s one of our favorite places in the state, and we love to spread the news about this spot that gives homes to big cats that are unable to be released into the wild.  Former circus animals, rescues, pets, and others, it’s an amazing place to visit and we highly recommend it! You can read more about them at www.exoticfelinerescuecenter.org

We’d heard about Lou’s Diner in Cloverdale…right on our route home, so decided that would be our stop.

Lou’s wasn’t exactly easy to spot…there was some road construction in the area, and it’s located in what appears to be a largely industrial area.  We found it, parked, and walked in.

It’s an unassuming place…pretty typical small town diner.  There are a few pictures on the walls, mostly of covered bridges and local history, and not much else.  It truly appears to be a place where folks gather for good food and conversation, as opposed to decor or watching sports on TV.  A nice change of pace from many of the places around!

I’ll be honest and say I didn’t give the menu more than a passing glance, as the tenderloin had already come highly recommended.  I asked our waitress “How’s your tenderloin” and she answered with my pet peeve. “It’s HUGE”.

I’ll probably come off as cranky here, but that wasn’t what I asked.  I’m really not concerned with the size, I want to know if it’s good or not.  The only think worse than a small mediocre sandwich is a large mediocre sandwich, right?  I questioned her further, and she told me that they get their meat fresh and make them fresh daily.  I was sold.


This is an outstanding sandwich!  The meat itself is tender and moist, and the breading was perfectly seasoned to compliment the taste of the meat.  With the bun and requested condiments (I eat mine with ketchup, mayo, and onion) it was as good a tenderloin as I’ve had in a while.  It certainly stacks up with any of the best in the state and I’ll give it a 5 out of 5 bites.

For my side, I splurged and got onion rings.  They were fantastic as well! Nicely breaded, fried just right, and the bistro sauce recommended by our waitress set them off perfectly.

For her lunch, Holly had the grilled chicken salad.  The grilled chicken was moist and flavorful. But what really shines on this salad is their low calorie dressing option – blueberry pomegranate!  More than anything, this tasted like a fruit purée. It was not heavy or oily at all…the perfect light dressing for my ultra-healthy lunch!

Lou’s Diner is located at 3 Stardust Way, Cloverdale, Indiana.  I was unable to locate a website for them, but they do have a Facebook page.


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