The Mayberry Cafe, Danville, Indiana


One of the hardest parts about doing a blog about this is being fair.  No matter how much I like  (or dislike) a particular restaurant, my job is to give as unbiased an opinion as is humanly possible.

Those of you who know me personally know that I’m a HUGE fan of the Andy Griffith Show.  My office has Andy Griffith art on the walls, I watch the show nearly every day, and can talk right along with the dialogue.

We’re fortunate to have The Mayberry Café about 45 minutes away from home, in the town of Danville, Indiana.  Holly had a music gig in Danville, and it gave us the perfect chance to visit The Mayberry Café for dinner.

Of course, the place is Mayberry themed, complete with a Mayberry squad car parked outside.  The walls are lined with photos and posters of The Andy Griffith Show, and multiple TVs show episodes of the show while they’re open.

The service is very friendly and down home, and, to us, it seemed very genuine.  It appeared the servers truly enjoyed their job, and did a fine job of interacting with the customers without being intrusive.

The menu features what I call “down home” cooking…meatloaf, fried chicken, and so on.  There also are several burgers on the menu, as well as a few Italian dishes…perhaps in homage to the “Dinner at 8” episode.

I saw the breaded tenderloin on the menu, and asked the server, “Is it a REAL breaded tenderloin, or a fritter”, and she replied “We get that question a lot, and it IS a real tenderloin”.

Well, that was enough for me.  I ordered it…and I’m glad I did.

The taste and texture were fantastic.  Fresh pork, and the breading is wonderful.  Nice and crispy, and it stayed crisp throughout the life of the sandwich.  I ordered my sandwich, as always, with ketchup, mayo, and onion, and they didn’t skimp on the onion, a big plus in my book.  The bun was nicely toasted, although there was nothing special about the bun itself.

The ONLY downside to this sandwich is that it was pounded out just a bit thinner than my preference.  The taste and texture were perfect, only it being just a bit too thin for my personal taste kept it from being a 5 out of 5.  I’m going to give it a 4.5…VERY good, and well worth the drive.

Holly chose Aunt Bea’s fried chicken.  She was surprised to learn that the chicken was *not* bone-in!  Not a minus, just not expected.  The breading was wonderful and although it was all white meat, it was tender and juicy.  Home-style mashed potatoes and gravy with green beans were her sides – both reported to be comfort food at its finest.

The Mayberry Cafe is located at 78 W Main Street in Danville, Indiana.  I was unable to locate a web page for them, but they do have a Facebook page.


Bearcats Restaurant, Indianapolis

One of the very best things of doing what I do is stumbling upon those undiscovered treasures that few people seem to know about.  It happened to me last night, and I’m glad I did.

I was vaguely familiar with The Stutz Building, located at 10th and Senate in Indianapolis.  A lovely old building that now houses apartments, art studios, first Friday events, and Bearcats restaurant.

I knew that there was a restaurant here, but had no idea what it was called, nor did I have any idea what was on their menu.  I was attending an event at Bearcats and it was an overwhelmingly positive experience.

Since I had no idea what kind of food they had, and I couldn’t find a menu online, I was totally unprepared to do a review.  However, upon arriving, I saw that someone else had a breaded tenderloin, so I knew I had to do a review.

The owner of the restaurant gets major points for jumping right in and waiting tables and taking care of a large group.   Other restaurant owners should take a hint from this kind of service.


The menu advertises that their tenderloins are cut fresh every day and hand breaded, and this was certainly the case.  The meat was tender, moist, and juicy, and was a more than ample serving. More than that, they’re not pounded paper thin…it’s rather like a nice pork chop.

The breading was top notch.  Was it the best breading I’ve ever had? No, not quite.  But it was still very, very good.  Crunchy and crisp and it stayed that way throughout the life of the sandwich.

I asked for my normal condiments,   (Ketchup, Mayo, Onion) and the server advised me that all condiments are served on the side, which is fine with me.

The bun was nice and fresh, and well toasted…actually, toasted just a bit more than is my preference.  It wasn’t objectionable by ANY means…just a bit more toasted than I’m used to.

The price?  This sandwich is a bargain.  $7.99, and that includes fries  (my favorite kind of fries…shoestring!) AND cole slaw, which was quite tasty, if just a tad bland.

I’ve had a few hours to think about this sandwich, and I’m going to give it a 4.5 out of 5 bites.  It falls just short of the hall of fame, but it is worth driving across town for.

Bearcats is located at 1055 N Senate in Indianapolis.  I found out after the fact that they DO have a website, and that is

Anglers Restaurant, Monticello, Indiana

This past weekend found us in Monticello, Indiana, enjoying the scenery of the lakes and surrounding area.

Lunchtime came, and we couldn’t decide what we wanted.  We drove past several chain restaurants, saw a sign for Anglers Restaurant, and decided to give it a try.

The decor in Anglers is….well, interesting is the only word I can think of.  Being in an area surrounded by lakes, there is a lot of fisherman/lake/seashore decor…pelicans, fish nets, driftwood,
and the like.

But there’s a lot of other, unrelated stuff, from all different cultures.  Oriental jade elephants.  Mexican burros.  Japanese lanterns.  Starving artists art.
It’s kind of like a flea market, except, this all works and meshes together well.  It’s an interesting place to sit and just look around at all the different knick knacks.

As I’ve often said, decor doesn’t make the experience, the food does.  I saw a breaded tenderloin on the menu, and asked our very capable waitress if it was made on site, or a frozen fritter.
To her credit, she admitted she didn’t know, and promptly went back to the kitchen to find out.  She told me that they did, indeed, hand bread them, so that’s what I ordered.

And, oh my, it was good!  This is not quite traditional tenderloin breading.  Holly said it reminded her somewhat of tempura batter, but not quite. I’m not sure what exactly it was, but it was VERY good.  Nice, crisp, and flaky.  There was a bit of an undefinable flavor in the breading, but it was good. Not what I’m used to tasting in a tenderloin, but quite good indeed.

The meat itself is right up there at the top with any I’ve ever had.  Nice and tender, moist, and really, really tasty.

The bun was toasted, and the sandwich was served with exactly the condiments I ordered.  The attention to detail in this restaurant is outstanding.

Angler’s breaded tenderloin sells for $6.95 and that includes your choice of side.  I chose fries, and they were good.  Not outstanding, but a good addition to the sandwich.

I’ve struggled a bit with what to rate this sandwich.  I was tempted to give it the 5 out of 5 rating…but it’s just different enough I’m going to give it a 4.5. It’s a VERY good tenderloin and it’s well worth driving for…I highly recommend a stop here when you’re in the Monticello area.

Holly had a Gyro and said it was quite good.  I’m not a huge fan of Gyros…but I tried a bite of Holly’s, and it was, indeed, VERY good to my inexperienced taste.

We were both quite impressed with Angler’s.  The atmosphere, service, and food put this at the top of our places to re-visit when we’re back in the Monticello area.

Anglers is located at 1828 N Francis Street in Monticello, Indiana