Cornerstone Coffeehouse, Indianapolis

OK, so you’re thinking,  “Coffeehouse???  I thought  this was  a tenderloin only blog….”

The Cornerstone Coffeehouse is not only a coffeehouse…but also a full service restaurant, with a bar, and a complete menu ranging from breakfast, to lunch specials, to steaks for dinner.

Cornerstone is located at the corner of 54th and College, in the same building that houses Moe and Johnny’s, and they appear to have identical menus.  The coffeehouse has a nice patio for outside dining, and an attractive, wood paneled dining room.

The Cornerstone has a “neighborhood bar” feel to it, and it’s obvious that this restaurant has earned a loyal following.  While having lunch, we saw several customers being greeted  by name as they entered.

I ordered, of course, the breaded tenderloin.  Although I’ve eaten here before, I believe this was the first time I’d had the tenderloin.  I expected it to be good, and I wasn’t disappointed.

The meat itself is as moist and juicy as any tenderloin I’ve sampled….far above average.  It was pounded, but not paper thin, but the perfect thickness to give you a nice sized bite without being overwhelming.

The breading is nice and crisp, and extremely flavorful.  It made me wonder, this sandwich is as good as any in Indy, but is largely overlooked by the media.  In several recent articles and surveys, I’ve not seen it mentioned, yet it stands up well against any tenderloin sandwich in town.  It’s served on a nicely toasted bun, and goes for $7.35 with chips.  Fries or Onion Rings  (which were excellent, by the way) will set you back around $1.00 more, certainly worth the price.

I’m tempted to add this sandwich to the 5 bite hall of fame….but there is one thing that prevents me from doing that…the service.  The service isn’t terrible, but it’s a lack of attention to details that keeps Cornerstone in the category of a very good restaurant, instead of a GREAT restaurant.  I ordered my sandwich with mayo and onion only  (stressing to the server the word  “only”), and she brought it with onion and mayo.  And lettuce, tomato and pickle.  The problem with that is that the tomato and pickle soaked into the bun before I had a chance to pick it off of the bun, giving me flavors on the sandwich I didn’t want.  Add to that just generally slow service…I can’t give it in good conscience a 5 out of 5.

I will give it a 4.5 out of 5….certainly worth driving across town, especially if you’re not in a hurry for lunch.  If the Cornerstone pays more attention to the little details, I have no doubt they’ll be one of the standout restaurants in the Broad Ripple Area.
Cornerstone Coffee is located at 651 E 54th Street in Indianapolis.