Foxgardin Family, Fishers, Indiana

FoxGardin Outside

Foxgardin Family is a fairly new restaurant/family pub in the Geist area of Indianapolis. This is the 2nd Foxgardin restaurant  (that I’m aware of, anyway) , the first being in Holly’s hometown of Fortville, Indiana.

The decor is kind of industrial looking to me…some open metal, hard floors, and chrome/steel.  It’s appealing, but it’s also VERY loud.  For me…I found it a bit distracting. It was tough to carry on a conversation with sound bouncing all over every hard surface.

Our server was prompt and friendly, and service was quite good.  The menu has some interesting choices…from a pork ribeye to a fried bologna sandwich.  Something tells me this isn’t your grandma’s fried balogna, but I’d give it a try.

We chose some appetizers this evening, and went with the fried calamari.  It was simply OUTSTANDING.  We’d not hesitate to order this again!

Of, course, for my dinner I chose the Midwest Tenderloin.  I think it’s a bit pricey, at $9.00 without any sides.  Fries, which I opted not to order, will set you back another $2.00.


Honestly?  I was pretty disappointed in the sandwich.  As you can see, it’s not very large.  Those who know  me know that I believe bigger is NOT always better, but it didn’t appear that this had been pounded at all.  To me it seemed more like a breaded pork chop than a breaded tenderloin….and there IS a difference.  The meat was tasty, and the breading was fine,  although could have used some more seasoning.  I did have an issue with the bun…it was absolutely burnt.  Were it my restaurant, I’d have been livid if something like that came out of my kitchen.

All said….I’ll give the sandwich a 2 out of 5 stars.  It was edible, but I wouldn’t order it again.

For her dinner, Holly chose the fish tacos, and was very pleased with them.  The roasted salsa and chimichurri sauce made them extra special.

All in all, even though the tenderloin was less than stellar, it was a very positive experience.  We’ll certainly return…and I can’t wait to try the fried balogna sandwich!
FoxGardin Family is located at 10410 Olio Road.  You can find them online at




Chatham Tap, Fishers, Indiana

The Chatham Tap has two locations, one on 116th street in Fishers, and one on Mass Ave near Downtown Indy.  This review was done at the Fishers location.

The Chatham Tap is an English style pub and is well appointed with soccer and rugby décor.  There’s a nice bar, which separates two dining rooms.  There are no pool tables or dart boards that I recall, but there are plenty of TVs and a small stage where they occasionally host live music and other events.

This Fishers location is family friendly and non smoking, which is a HUGE plus in my book.  Very young children might not feel at home here, but teens and older seem to really enjoy the atmosphere.  Part of our dining party this particular night was a father and his teen age daughter, and it’s a great place for parents with older children to enjoy an evening out.

The menu is actually quite varied.  There are all kinds of sandwiches…some quite unique, as well as burgers, pizza, and more typical pub fare.  The TVs are on, but the sound is turned down to a comfortable level, so conversation is easy, another big plus in my book.  I like the atmosphere here quite a lot.  It’s nice and comfortable.

Even with such a varied menu, I had no problem choosing what I wanted….a breaded tenderloin.  They advertise theirs as a “garlic pork tenderloin”, available dressed as you like it, and served on a Brioche bun.

The breading was tasty enough, but, sadly….I couldn’t detect much, if any, garlic in it.  It was nice and crispy, but, I expected more from the breading.  Yes, it was good, but there was really nothing outstanding about it.

The meat was tasty and moist, certainly well above average.  Again, I couldn’t detect the taste of garlic in it, which would have really pushed this sandwich over the top.

All in all, it was a good sandwich, certainly above average, but it feel short of being a great sandwich.  I’m going to give it a 3.5 out of 5 bites.  It’s good, but with such a varied menu, I’ll get something else next time.

For her dinner, Holly chose the Portabella and Smoked Gouda “burger” – a meatless burger option.  It’s a sautéed Portabella capped topped with gouda cheese, garlic mayo (which, she claimed, was also lacking in the garlic department) and avocado served open faced on parisien bread.   Despite the fact that it wasn’t as garlicky as she was anticipating or enjoys, she said this was still a stellar sandwich.  It is served with your choice of one of their standard side dishes for $7.99.
The Chatham Tap is located at 8211 E 116th Street in Fishers.  You can find them online at

The Ram, Fishers, Indiana

The Ram Restaurant and Brewery has two locations in Indianapolis, downtown and one in Fishers.  I’d heard about their breaded tenderloin that they serve in the Fishers location, and last night we had a night off…what had been rare of late…and decided to give it a try.

The Ram is a chain that is celebrating their 40th anniversary…honestly, I had no clue they’d been around that long!  Part sports bar, part micro brewery, part restaurant, all those separate parts work together in a casual, friendly atmosphere that made for a very pleasant date night for Holly and I.

The menu is quite large and varied…and…it’s almost overwhelming.  If you didn’t know what you wanted for supper, you could spend some time reading the menu and there certainly is something on there for every taste.

Knowing they had a breaded tenderloin on their menu, I knew immediately that’s what I wanted.  However, upon reading the description, I realized it wasn’t a “traditional” tenderloin as many of us Hoosiers know it.  That said….be forewarned, I’m not going to rate this on my traditional 0-5 scale…which is the same thing I’ve done with some other non-traditional tenderloins.

The breading is really, really outstanding.  It’s infused with 71 Pale Ale, and nice extremely crunchy and tasty.  I really like the breading a lot!  I had a delightful visit with the chef after our meal, and when he told me how many ingredients were in the breading, I was stunned.  He’s obviously done his homework and has came up with a wonderful breading.

The meat itself fell short of outstanding.  It was too thin for my personal taste, and that wonderful breading almost overwhelmed the taste of the meat.  In addition, they use cubed pork instead of hand cut and pounded tenderloin, so, again it’s not quite traditional.

The sandwich is served on a Kasier roll, with cracked black pepper mayo and a number of other dressings.  Since I saw from the onset that this wasn’t a traditional tenderloin, I opted to get it as dressed from the kitchen instead of my normal mayo, ketchup, and onion only.

And….I’ve got to tell you.  I was skeptical – quite skeptical at first. works.  All the ingredients put together work quite well indeed.  So, instead of scoring this on my normal scale, I’m going to take a hint from my friends over at and ask myself the question:  “Would I buy it again?”, and the answer is yes.  It’s not your momma’s tenderloin….but it’s quite good and I wouldn’t hesitate to get it again.

Holly got the Beer Cheese Soup, (a FourSquare check-in bonus!) and I tried a bit, and it was simply outstanding!  For her entree, she ordered the LoCal Chicken & Shrimp Sauté – an entrée off of their anniversary menu.  This is a grouping of restaurant favorites that have been brought out of retirement for a limited time.  It was nothing short of fantastic.

Our service was outstanding…and in the interest of fairness, I should point out that our server is a musician we are acquainted with.  However, I got to watch him interact with other tables, and all the servers seemed to be on top of their game.  It was a dining experience that was definitely a cut above…matter of fact, I’d rate the whole experience…food, atmosphere, and service, a 5/5.  We’ll be back and be back soon.

A word of advice.  If you like dessert, try the mile high mud pie.  But…if you do….you should bring a large family, or, better yet, a small army.  There’s a LOT of food there!

The Ram is located at 12750 Parkside Drive in Fishers.  The Tenderloin is available ONLY at the Fishers location.  You can find their website at

And, just a closing note.  This is review #99 for me.  I’ve got something VERY special….that involves a road trip…for review #100.  Stay tuned!