Foxgardin Family, Fishers, Indiana

FoxGardin Outside

Foxgardin Family is a fairly new restaurant/family pub in the Geist area of Indianapolis. This is the 2nd Foxgardin restaurant  (that I’m aware of, anyway) , the first being in Holly’s hometown of Fortville, Indiana.

The decor is kind of industrial looking to me…some open metal, hard floors, and chrome/steel.  It’s appealing, but it’s also VERY loud.  For me…I found it a bit distracting. It was tough to carry on a conversation with sound bouncing all over every hard surface.

Our server was prompt and friendly, and service was quite good.  The menu has some interesting choices…from a pork ribeye to a fried bologna sandwich.  Something tells me this isn’t your grandma’s fried balogna, but I’d give it a try.

We chose some appetizers this evening, and went with the fried calamari.  It was simply OUTSTANDING.  We’d not hesitate to order this again!

Of, course, for my dinner I chose the Midwest Tenderloin.  I think it’s a bit pricey, at $9.00 without any sides.  Fries, which I opted not to order, will set you back another $2.00.


Honestly?  I was pretty disappointed in the sandwich.  As you can see, it’s not very large.  Those who know  me know that I believe bigger is NOT always better, but it didn’t appear that this had been pounded at all.  To me it seemed more like a breaded pork chop than a breaded tenderloin….and there IS a difference.  The meat was tasty, and the breading was fine,  although could have used some more seasoning.  I did have an issue with the bun…it was absolutely burnt.  Were it my restaurant, I’d have been livid if something like that came out of my kitchen.

All said….I’ll give the sandwich a 2 out of 5 stars.  It was edible, but I wouldn’t order it again.

For her dinner, Holly chose the fish tacos, and was very pleased with them.  The roasted salsa and chimichurri sauce made them extra special.

All in all, even though the tenderloin was less than stellar, it was a very positive experience.  We’ll certainly return…and I can’t wait to try the fried balogna sandwich!
FoxGardin Family is located at 10410 Olio Road.  You can find them online at




Claude and Annie’s, Fishers, Indiana

Claude and Annie’s is a pub/restaurant that has 4 locations around Indianapolis.  I’d visited Claude and Annie’s several times before, for music and other events, but I’d never sampled their tenderloin, as they were usually late night visits where I opted for desert while listening to the music.

This week found us at Claude and Annie’s on the north side for a music event, and we decided to go early and have dinner.

Claude and Annie’s on the northside is a HUGE place, but it doesn’t show it from the outside.  From the outside, it looks like a typical, small, strip mall pub.  Once you enter, you’ll see a large pool and game room, two dining rooms, a nicely appointed bar and a nice stage area.   They feature live entertainment, including karaoke, bands,  an open stage,  jam session, and poker tourney.  Unlike several northside pubs I’ve visited,  the atmosphere is very down home and friendly.  The service is the same way…our server greeted us in a friendly manner, and was attentive without hovering over us.

I was their to sample their breaded tenderloin, of course.  I noticed that on the menu they offer the option of a second bun with this sandwich so you can share it…and unless you’ve got a VERY hearty appetite, this is probably a good idea, as you can see!

Now, my thought is that bigger is NOT always better…sometimes, quality drops when size increases, but this is certainly not the case with Claude and Annie’s.  The breading was very tasty and crisp, and bit more flaky than many tenderloins I’ve sampled.  I liked this particular breading quite a lot….certainly better than the standard breading that most restaurants use on their tenderloins.

The mean was nice and moist.  It wasn’t quite as tender as some I’d sampled, but still it was above average and VERY tasty.  I did, however, encounter a piece of gristle in the meat, which will drop the rating a bit.  I realize that not every tenderloin will have this piece in it, but mine did, and this is the one being reviewed.

The sandwich was served promptly and  the condiments were brought exactly as ordered, and there were plenty of them.  A detail that some restaurants seem to forget…kudos to them for being so attentive!

Claude and Annie’s breaded tenderloin is a bargain.  It sells for $6.99, and that includes chips.  For $1-$2 more, you can substitute various side items.  I chose the onion chips, and they were OUTSTANDING.  If you’re an onion lover, I highly recommend them as a side.

If I didn’t get a piece of gristle, and if the meat had been a touch more tender, this tenderloin would certainly get a 5 out of 5.  However,  those two things will drop my rating to a 4.2 out of 5.  It’s well above average an well worth the trip to the north side to get it.
Claude and Annie’s is located at the corner of 141st and State Road 37 in Fishers.  You can visit their website here.

C. R. Hero’s Family Pub, Fishers, Indiana

I had read about C.R. Hero’s, and since we found ourselves running some errands in the area, we decided to stop in and give them a try.

The outside of the building doesn’t really prepare you for what you’ll find inside.  The exterior is unassuming and looks like any one of the hundreds of strip mall pubs in the greater Indianapolis area.

Walking inside, all I could think of was….”WOW!”.  It’s obvious upon entering where the name comes from, for the decor is all about heroes.  Firefighters, Law Enforcement Officers, Medics, and more…pictures and artifacts all over the walls.

And, for the kids, there’s an extensive display of comic book heroes…Superman, Batman, and more.  It bills itself as a “family pub” and they have certainly set a high mark for other family pubs.  There truly is something for everyone to look at here.

There’s a bar on one side of the restaurant, and family dining on the other.  It’s all non smoking, but I DO believe that smoking is allowed on the outdoor patio.

Of course, interesting and cool decor doesn’t always make for a memorable dining experience.  Would the food stand up to the atmosphere?

C.R. Hero’s calls it’s breaded tenderloin the “Hoosier Daddy”…with a name like that, I had high hopes.

I wasn’t disappointed.

They advertise their Hoosier Daddy as being hand breaded and hand tenderized, and the attention to care and detail shows from the first bite.  The meat is wonderfully tender and moist, and the breading is just perfect.  Nice and crispy, and it perfectly compliments the taste of the meat.  AND, the breading stayed crisp throughout the life of the sandwich, neither the breading nor the bun got soggy.

The bun was nicely toasted and the condiments were delivered as ordered.  One thing out of the ordinary for this sandwich…it’s served with garlic mayo.  The server also brought me regular mayo, in case I didn’t care for the garlic mayo, but I have to say the garlic mayo is fantastic..although I realize it might not be everyone’s cup of tea.  But it worked, and worked well, for me.

C.R. Hero’s breaded tenderloin sandwich sells for $8.95, and that includes a hearty side of fries.  I chose to upgrade my fries to Onion Rings for $1.00, and it was well worth it.  Perhaps not the absolute BEST rings I’ve ever had, but they were very good rings indeed.

I’m going to give C.R. Hero’s tenderloin a 5 out of 5 bites…as good as it gets.  This one is a winner, folks, and stacks up well against an tenderloin in the Midwest.

C.R. Hero’s has a very extensive menu.  Holly chose the Italian Beef sandwich and raved about how good it was.  We’ll certainly go back…and I suspect we’ll be going back often.  The atmosphere and service made for an outstanding visit.

You can view their website, along with their complete menu,  here.

C. R. Hero’s is located at 10570 E 96th Street, in Fishers.