The Great American Grill at American Legion Post 119, Greenfield, Indiana.

Being a food reviewer is always a gamble.  You walk into a place that you think will be stellar experience, and you walk out disappointed, and sometimes think a place will be average, and you’ll walk out saying to yourself, “WOW”.

That’s what happened to us earlier this week.  We had some business to attend to with the American Legion Post in Greenfield, so we decided to eat in the café, which is located in the same building as the Legion.

The Great American Grill is a small, home town diner, nicely decorated with photos and memorabilia of our veterans, with a TV tuned to a local channel in the corner.  There’s a jukebox, and the place is absolutely squeaky clean.  That was my first impression…just how nice, neat, and clean this place was.

When we arrived, I wasn’t sure what I wanted to get for dinner….frankly, my experience in places like this was that tenderloins are often premade, frozen fritters.  But when I saw they offered their tenderloin in breaded OR grilled, (which is always a good sign) I decided to take a chance.

And, boy howdy, I am glad I did.  Let me tell you, folks, this is one outstanding sandwich.  As I learned later, it’s hand cut daily and hand breaded.  This is a nice sized sandwich without being overwhelming.  The meat is nice and thick (actually…it’s not uniform…due to the hand pounding and hand cut…and that’s a BIG plus for me) and it’s moist and tasty.  The breading is simply fantastic!  I neglected to ask what their breading consists of, but it’s among the best I’ve ever had.  Nice and crunchy, but it’s not so thick as to detract from the taste and texture of the meat.

There’s nice attention to detail here, the sandwich was served EXACTLY as I ordered, which isn’t always the case.  The service was attentive and friendly, and the price was right – sandwich and chips for $6.95.  This sandwich is 5 out of 5 bites, no doubt about it.

For her meal, Holly chose the pulled pork bbq sandwich – also served with chips for $4.95.  This is an ample sandwich.  For the money, if you’re hungry, you can’t beat the price.  She felt they kind of skimped on the chips, and the meat was absolutely swimming in sauce…not her preference, but again, for the bottom line value of this meal, it was a winner.

The American Legion is located at 275 Center Street in Greenfield, Indiana.  The entire building is non-smoking, and the café is open from 11AM-7PM, Monday through Saturday.


Carol’s Cornerstone Restaurant, Greenfield, Indiana

Carol’s is your typical small town restaurant.  Heavy on comfort foods…good, friendly service…lots and lots of stuff hanging on the walls and displayed on various shelves, it’s like a step back in time.
I particularly enjoyed the antique lunch box collection that was displayed.  Of course, atmosphere helps a restaurant, but it’s the food that we’re there for.

Carol’s Cornerstone Cafe’ has burgers, meatloaf, noodles, stuffed peppers, and more.  They proudly display signs advertising “Hand Breaded Tenderloins” both inside and outside the restaurant.
And, of course, that’s what I chose.  And, it’s what Holly also chose.  In this case, it’s a good thing we both chose the same dish.

The tenderloin looked pretty darn good.  It obviously IS hand breaded.  For me, the size was perfect…a big, hearty sandwich, but not so large as to be overwhelming.
The bun is fresh and nicely toasted.  The breading, while good, is nothing to really write home about.  Yes, it’s good, but it lacks a “wow” factor.
The problem with my sandwich was the meat.  It was dry, tough, and…pretty much tasteless.  It took some effort to bite through it, and the flavor was just not there.

I told Holly that, and she offered me a bite of hers. It was like a totally different sandwich.  The meat was noticeably more tender and flavorful.  Not top of the line, but, much, much better.

But, I was here to review the sandwich that was brought to me.  The breading was average, and the meat was quite a bit below average.
I’m going to give it a 2 out of 5 bites…I’d certainly not order it again if I were to visit Carol’s again.

Let me say that I WILL visit Carol’s again.  I did enjoy the atmosphere quite a lot, and everything else on the menu looked very good.
The prices are quite reasonable – the sandwich and fries are $6.95, and the service was very, very good.  I’ll visit Carol’s again…I’ll just pass on the tenderloin.

Carol’s Cornerstone Cafe’ is located at 301 East Main Street in Greenfield, Indiana.  They offer live music on the weekends, this past weekend it was Bluegrass on Friday night and Elvis on Saturday night.