Storie’s restaurant, Greensburg Indiana


I’d heard good things about Storie’s restaurant in Greensburg, Indiana but the timing for us to make a stop never worked out until this weekend, when we met our friends Deb, Tony, and Aiden for dinner there on Friday night.

Here’s an interesting (to me, at least), side note to this review.  One of my grandmothers was named Storey.  However, the original spelling of the name was Storie.  The story goes that one of the Stories got into legal trouble…he was a horse thief, I’m told, and the family changed the spelling to Storey because they didn’t want to be associated with that side of the family.  But, I digress….which happens pretty often.

Storie’s is located on the courthouse square in Greensburg, Indiana.  It seems like they’ve been around forever.  It’s larger than it appears on the outside, with ample dining area and a nice, long, lunch counter that reminds me of the old Woolworth lunch counters.  Cozy, warm, and friendly, it’s everything a small town restaurant should be.

Honestly, I didn’t look over the menu very closely….I already had made up my mind that I was going to try the tenderloin.  My impression is that they are heavy on the comfort food, though.

I asked our waitress about the breaded tenderloin, and she told me each one was hand breaded to order, and that was enough for me!


It’s a VERY good sandwich.  Matter of fact, it’s as good as any I’ve had in my travels.  It’s a nice size without being overwhelming, and it hits the mark of being not too thin or not too thick…just about perfect.  The breading itself had just enough seasoning to compliment without overwhelming the taste of the meat, and it stayed crunchy throughout the life of the sandwich.  The meat itself was moist and tender.  There’s no doubt about it, this one is a 5 out of 5 bites.  It goes in my personal hall of fame.

I chose a “platter”, which included fries and slaw.  The fries were crinkle cut, my favorite, and tasty but not outstanding.  The taste of the slaw was fine, but it seemed to have a lot of dressing, and the cabbage was diced very fine the combination of those two things made it less than stellar for my preference.  I neglected to get the exact price, but the sandwich, fries and slaw came in the neighborhood of $8.50 or so, well worth the price.

For her dinner, Holly got the pulled pork sandwich platter with slaw, and for a small upcharge substituted fries for oven roasted potatoes.  The pork was swimming in sauce, which she says isnt her preference.  The potatoes were hot and crisp, but average on the flavor.

Storie’s restaurant is located at 109 E Main Street in Greensburg, Indiana.  You can find them online at


The Great Tenderloin Throwdown, Greensburg, Indiana

This past Saturday, I was honored to be a judge for the Tenderloin Throwdown, in Greensburg, Indiana.
This is the 2nd year for the event, but my first year judging.  Part street fair, part food competition, this event has food booths, crafts, a sidewalk art contest, live music, and more.  Let me state that it was a VERY well put together  (and attended) event!  I enjoyed myself a LOT, and plan to go back next year, whether I’m judging or not.

I’m not going to rate the tenderloins, instead, I’ll go do a real review of them, one by one,  Instead, I’m just going to post a few pictures of the event.
Greensburg is a small town in Southeast, Indiana, most well known for the tree growing out of the courthouse!



There are some lovely old Churches in town, it’s a lovely town to just go stroll in!


One of the artisans on site was a chainsaw carver.  I REALLY enjoyed watching him work.


There was also a sidewalk art competition, that was fascinating to watch unfold!


Lines at every food booth having tenderloins….this is Union Jacks, who made the trip down from Indianapolis.


Hand breaded, then coming out of the fryer.



It was a VERY hot day, so folks were taking advantage of the shade.


Here’s a grandfather and grandson enjoying the live music.


And, what better treat after a tenderloin than ice cream?