Billy O’Neal’s, Indianapolis (revisit, under new ownership)

Billy O’Neal’s Pub and Eatery is an Irish themed pub located on the west side of Indianapolis. Although I’ve reviewed them before, they’ve undergone an ownership change, I thought I’d do a re-review with the new owners.

Although the decor and location are the same, there have been some fairly significant changes to the menu.  They’ve added a number of Irish type dishes to the menu, things like Welsh Rarebit, Scotch Eggs, Salmon, and more.  One addition is the Ploughman’s Platter, which we’ll cover shortly.

Billy O’Neal’s does one thing that I wish other restaurants did–they offer their tenderloin in two sizes, a smaller, 5 ounce version, and a larger 10 ounce version.  I chose the 5 ounce version, and it was certainly hearty enough for me. It’s hand cut, pounded, and served breaded or grilled.

This is an absolutely stellar tenderloin, and it stands up against any in the area.  The breading is nice and crisp, and stays that way through the life of the sandwich. The meat is tender and moist, and I like the fact that it’s not pounded out paper thin, just enough to tenderize it. It makes for a sandwich with a nice layer of textures.  Served on a brioche bun, I give this one a 5 out of 5 bites, no hesitation. The small version sells for 9.00, the larger, 11.00, and that includes a side. I chose the house made chips and they were excellent.

For her dinner, Holly chose the Ploughman’s Platter. It’s on the appetizer menu and comes in two sizes. Think of this like a tapas, or small plate meal. It was fantastic and she would not hesitate to get it again! The smaller version contains sliced apples, cheddar cheese, and ham, along with two slices of maple glazed bacon. It also includes a Scotch egg – which Holly had never tried – but she liked it! In addition to all of this you also get a serving of balsamic onion jam and spicy brown mustard that they make in-house…and it is phenomenal! Finish it off with a hunk of crusty bread and it’s a perfect meal!

Billy O’Neal’s is located at 7445 W 10th, Indianapolis.  You can find them online at and they also have a Facebook page.

Izzy and Eddie’s Restaurant, Tipton, Indiana

Holly and I had been in Elwood to participate in the Red Gold Run to Crush Hunger 5k, and were looking for somewhere for lunch on the way home.  Through Yelp, we saw Izzy and Eddie’s restaurant and decided to give them a try.

Izzy and Eddie’s is a clean comfortable place with the feel of a small town diner, which it is.  Who I assume to be the manager greeted several folks by name, so it’s obvious they have a loyal following in Tipton.

The menu has breakfast, lunch, and dinner choices, and we arrived right as they were getting ready for lunch.  I, of course, chose the hand breaded tenderloin.

This is a good sandwich.  It’s not pounded out paper thin, so it still has a nice heft to it.  The meat was good, and I liked the texture of the breading quite a lot, although I thought it lacked a little seasoning.  Still, it’s an above average sandwich and I enjoyed it. I’ll give it 3.5 out of 5 stars..

For my side, I chose the salad bar, and I enjoyed it a lot.  The base is nicely mixed greens, as opposed to just lettuce, and all the toppings were fresh.

Holly opted for breakfast, and chose a build your own omelette. They use real Swiss cheese instead of “processed cheese product” – which is always a plus! 
Izzy and Eddie’s restaurant is located at 122 Sweetland Avenue in Tipton, Indiana.  You can find them online at

Nulltown Country Kitchen Food Truck

We made the trek down to Metamora, Indiana on Sunday for the annual Canal Days festival.  For those who haven’t been to Canal Days, it’s essentially a giant outdoor flea market in a quaint SE Indiana town.  There are always lots of food choices, and they’re pretty typical of festival food–elephant ears, ice cream, hot pretzels, burgers, hot dogs, and the like.

I’m always a little skeptical of festival/fair food.  Because it’s typically prepared in trailers that require fairly quick setup and teardown, and they typically serve a large volume of food in a short period of time, this kind of food is often based on volume, as opposed to being hand prepared.

When visiting with my buddy Scott, he said he’d had a really good tenderloin at the Nulltown Country Kitchen food truck, so I decided to give them a try.

They had prepared a sandwich and sat it out on their counter so one could see what they were ordering, and I thought that was a really nice touch.  It looked fantastic, so I decided to give it a try.

I’m glad I did, because it IS fantastic!  Perfect thickness, the breading was wonderfully crisp and stayed that way throughout the life of the sandwich.  The meat was moist and flavorful, and the seasoning was spot on. SInce it’s a very large sandwich, they cut it in half before serving it, and I appreciate that, it made it much more manageable.

I want to stress, that where most festival stands were grabbing food out of a warmer, they cooked their tenderloins to order, so I ordered, and had to wait a few minutes for the sandwich, but it was absolutely worth the wait. 5 out of 5 bites in my book.

Nulltown Country Kitchen has a physical location, and that’s  4121 N HIghway 121, Connersville, Indiana, Although Nulltown is an actual community, their actual address is Connersville.  I was unable to locate a website for them, but they do have a Facebook page.

Combine Cafe’, Arcadia, Indiana

Combine Cafe’ is one of the more unique settings where you’ll find a breaded tenderloin–or a restaurant, for that matter.

It’s located  inside Reynold’s Farm Equiment on US 31, near Arcardia, Indiana, about 15 miles north of Indianapolis.  The cafe’ itself is pretty small. You order at a counter, and they prepare your food and bring your food to your table.  There are maybe 8 or 10 tables, and I was surprised how busy they were at an early lunch time, being kind of in the middle of nowhere.

They’re only open for breakfast and lunch, 730am-230 PM Monday through Saturday.  The breakfast menu has a variety of dishes, and their lunch menu is mostly sandwiches, with a few weekly specials, such as pot roast and meatloaf thrown in.

I knew going in that I wanted to try the breaded tenderloin.  Their menu says it’s marinated in buttermilk and herbs, and served breaded or grilled.  I, of course, chose the breaded version.

This is a pretty good sandwich.  I like the flavor and size quite a bit.  The buttermilk and herbs gave it a rather unique flavor, the breading was nice and crunchy.  I found the meat to be just a tad dry, and the sandwich to be a bit greasy. Not terribly so, but enough that it keeps a good sandwich from being a great sandwich.  Overall, I’ll give it a 4 out of 5 bites. Above average, but not stellar. It goes for $8.95

For her lunch, Holly had the Grouper sandwich. It is advertised as a favorite menu item among the local patrons, and with good reason. It’s a hearty sandwich that is “not too fishy” and comes with your choice of one side.
Combine Cafe’ is located inside the Reynold’s Farm Equipment center at 1451 E 276th Street, at the intersection of 276th street and US Highway 31.  They have a Facebook page, and here is their website:

Frenchy’s Pub, Morgantown, Indiana

We visited Frenchy’s Pub after an afternoon of playing music in nearby Nashville, Indiana.  Someone had told me they had a decent tenderloin so we decided to head home through Morgantown and check them out.

Make no mistake, Frenchy’s is a biker bar. We walked in, and all the decorations, or nearly all of them, are Harley themed.  Model bikes, signs, and more. For those who are not aware, the area around Morgantown is wonderful cycling geography, with lovely, curvey, twisty, hilly roads and spectacular scenery.

I’ll be the first to admit, when I looked at the menu, I was a little suspect.  There aren’t many choices, with things like a hamburger, cheeseburger, a few appetizers, and a couple of other sandwiches.  However, I’d had the breaded tenderloin recommended to me, and I decided to give it a go.

I’m sure glad I did.  There’s really not much I can say about this sandwich except that it was absolutely stellar.  It’s a large sandwich, but in addition to being large, it was tasty. The breading was perfectly seasoned and had a nice crunch to it.  The meat was moist, tender, and flavorful. From the first bite, Holly and I were both hooked. Top to bottom, this sandwich rates up with any in the state.  I highly recommend it. Absolutely, no question, 5 out of 5 bites.

For her dinner, Holly had a chicken quesadilla and she reported it to be very good as well. There are no frills with this one, which is her preference – just chicken and cheese between two grilled tortillas.

Our server was great.  They were quite busy with folks who’d been riding through the area, and she did a great job of both tending the bar and making sure everyone was taken care of not only in a timely manner, but with a smile as well.

As you might gather, I’m sold on Frenchy’s Pub.  They’re located at 150 W Washington Street in Morgantown, Indiana.  I was unable to locate a website for them, but they do have a Facebook page.

Blaze Brewpub, Anderson, Indiana

My wife, Holly, was working in Anderson last week, and we decided to take advantage of that and try a couple of restaurants in a town we don’t get to visit very often.

Blaze Brewpub is located inside of Championship Lanes in Anderson, Indiana.  Walking in, it’s MUCH larger than I anticipated–in bowling alleys, I’ve typically seen more snack bar type food, but Blaze is a full service restaurant, and a large one at that.

Their menu has a lot of variety as well, with several appetizers, burgers, pizza, sandwiches, salads, and, an unexpected twist – breakfast!

They have 3 variations on the tenderloin, a cajun, western, and what they call “Atown’s Famous tenderloin”, which is what I chose.  (The menu proudly proclaims “Rated the best in Anderson”)

It’s a nice sized sandwich, without being overwhelming, which is my personal preference.  I’m of the opinion that big isn’t always better. I like a little heft to the meat, instead of it being pounded out paper thin.

The breading had a nice texture, but seemed to be devoid of any seasoning at all…it was quite bland.  And, I must say, same goes for the meat. It was moist and tender, but there just wasn’t much flavor. The sandwich was served dressed as requested.  I’ll give it a 3 out of 5, just average in my book. I chose fries as my side, and they were lightly battered. Generally, I’m not a fan of battered fries, but these were VERY lightly battered and I’m surprised how much I liked them.  I’d recommend them.

For her dinner, Holly chose the chicken quesadilla. And it was okay, but she really enjoyed the spicy cheese curds we had for an appetizer! Made from cubes of pepper jack cheese, they were a flavorful start to the meal and paired well with her Quaff On! Busted Knuckle – which just happened to be on special the night we were there.
Blaze Brewpub is located inside of Anderson Lanes at 1920 E 53rd Street in Anderson, Indiana.  Their website is, and you can also find them on Facebook.

Big Lug Country Pub, Pendleton, Indiana

One of the Sahm’s family of restaurants, Big Lug Country Pub is located at the Fall Creek Golf Course in Pendleton, Indiana.

It’s a pretty large place, and it’s split up into several sections–family dining, a 21 and over bar/lounge, and a large outdoor patio that overlooks the golf course.

I rather like the decor here–it’s nice and homey, and the walls are decorated with historic photos of the area, a very nice touch.  Even though Sahm’s has several restaurants in the area, each has their distinct personality, instead of being cookie cutter clones of each other.

All the Sahm’s restaurants I’ve visited have a menu that’s a nice mix of traditional and some more adventurous choices.  I appreciate that, because sometimes I want something “safe”, but sometimes I want to branch out a bit.

I already knew going in that I wanted to try the breaded tenderloin.  It’s a large sandwich, but, honestly, it was pounded out thinner than I prefer. The breading was crisp, and the meat was tender and moist, but it lacked seasoning. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not a bad sandwich.  There’s just nothing about it that stood out to me, except perhaps the bun…THAT was stellar. If I were to describe this sandwich in one word, it would be “safe”. It’s a safe, comfortable choice. I’ll give it a 3 out of 5 bites.

I upgraded my side to onion rings, and, WOW!!  Those were absolutely exceptional. I’d certainly not hesitate to order those again.

We seldom order appetizers, but Holly and I split an order of breaded mushrooms,  and, no joke, those may well have been the best breaded mushrooms I’ve ever had in my life.

For her dinner, Holly had the Malibu Melt, which she reported to be very good and a side of honey glazed oven roasted Brussels sprouts that were out of this world!
Big Lug Country Pub is located at 250 Reformatory Road in Pendleton, Indiana.  You can find them online at and also on Facebook.