J and M Smokehouse, Clermont, Indiana

J and M Smokehouse is a new BBQ restaurant just west of Indianapolis, in the town of Clermont.  It’s in the same building as The Staging Lane bar, and close to the entrance of Indianapolis Raceway Park.  Naturally, the decor is racing related, with posters, photos, and other racing items hung from the walls, ceiling, and just about every other imaginable place.

Although it’s a rib restaurant, they offer several other menu items,
such as angus burgers, prime rib, and lunch specials such as stuffed peppers and scalloped ham and potatos.



When I saw they had a tenderloin on the meno, offered grilled or breaded, I was torn.  After all, it’s a RIB restaurant.  But who am I to pass up a breaded tenderloin, especially when I learned that they’re hand cut and breaded when you order them.

The meat itself is quite tender and juicy…really, nothing short of
spectacular.  On of the best pieces of meat I’ve ever had.  The breading? Just as good.  Nice and cruncy, great flavor and texture, that perfectly compliments the taste and texture of the meat.  The sandwich is served on a nice, fresh, bun, and the condiments are plentiful and served on the side so you can dress the sandwich as you wish.

And the price?  $6.95, and that includes an order of not french fries, but FRESH fries, as they call them.  The fries were just as spectacular as the sandwich..absolutely outstanding.

As I was eating this sandwich, I thought to myself  “Why don’t more people know about this place?”….part of it is because they’ve only been open for 5 weeks.  And part of it might be because they’re a bit off of the beaten
path.  If you’re craving a good..no, make that a GREAT breaded tenderloin sandwich, do yourself a favor and give them a try, because I’m giving them a 5 out of 5 bites…as good as it gets.

A word about their ribs…..Holly choose the sampler platter which included pulled pork, ribs, brisket, and chicken.  Since it was a sampler platter, I had to sample a bit of it.  I believe they were the best ribs I’ve ever had,
the pulled pork had a wonderfully smoky flavor, and the brisket and chicken was simply delightful.

J and M Smokehouse is located at 10725 E Highway 136 in Clermont.  You can visit their website at:  http://jandmssmokehouse.com/


One thought on “J and M Smokehouse, Clermont, Indiana

  1. really enjoyed performing in such a comfortable setting.Myself also a Christian really admired the way the way you handled a very difficult situation.Looking forward to making youre new restaurnant a success.ive got some ideas on creating a fun music atmosphere God Bless

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