Bertee’s Sports Cafe’, Fortville, Indiana

Holly and I were doing some geocaching yesterday  when we came upon Bertee’s, near Fortville, Indiana.

Neither of us had ever been here, or even heard of it, for that matter.
It’s kind of out in the middle of nowhere, and I don’t recall ever seeing
them advertised.

Bertee’s bills itself as a “family friendly sports cafe’ ” and they’ve hit
it spot on.  There are two sections, family dining, and a pub side, and both of them are non smoking.  Both sides offer miltiple large screen TVs, and there were several families in there watching the Colts when we visited.

Let me say up front that I LOVE this concept…a family pub.  There’s a nicely appointed game room, live music on the weekends, sports all the time, and aways some menu special for the kids.  The atmosphere is pleasantly noisy
and busy without being overwhelming.

We were greeted by a host and promptly seated, and our service throughout the meal was nothing short of outstanding.

Looking through their menu, their speciality seems to be pizza and wings. They also have a full compliment of sandwiches, salads, and steaks on their menu.


And, they have a breaded tenderloin on their menu, so that’s what I ordered!

The first thing that I noticed is that the sandwich is HUGE…and THIN.
Matter of fact, far too thin for my liking.  It’s pounded out near paper
thin, and that’s the problem with this sandwich.  It’s so thin, I really
never could get a good taste of meat, it’s near all breading.  I can’t give
the flavor of the meat a fair shake, because I never got enough of it in a
bite to really taste it.

The breading was pretty…well, average.  It was nice and crunchy, but there was nothing that set it apart from a thousand other tenderloins out there.

On the plus side, the sandwich is very large and filling, and the price is right..  $7.99 and that includes your choice of fries or chips.  The fries were really very good…the high point of my meal. There were plenty of condiments, and the sandwich was served exactly as I ordered it.
On the minus side…it was far too thin, and perhaps just a bit overdone. It wasn’t a bad sandwich, it just wasn’t a  great sandwich.  As we left, I told Holly I was “full, but not satisfied”.  I’m going to give Bertee’s breaded tenderloin sandwich a 2.5 out of 5 bites…just average.
If you’re not searching specifically for a great tenderloin, I AM going to recommend you visit Bertee’s for some pizza, or wings, or even a steak.  The service is well above average, and the atmosphere is quite fun.  A family could have a lot of fun here, and we will visit again to watch the game with friends.

I’ll pass on the tenderloin, though.

Bertee’s is located at 10462 Olio Road in Fortville, Indiana.  You can also
visit their website here.


8 thoughts on “Bertee’s Sports Cafe’, Fortville, Indiana

  1. Too much breading is a mortal sin in fried food. It always makes me feel as if I’ve been shortchanged on whatever was supposed to be inside the breading.

  2. you have NEVER had a tenderloin like bushman brewhouse in nashville indiana…………….NEVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i too have had a loin at every bar and pub………this one will kick your ass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! if im wrong, god stike me dead.its worth the trip, take a wekend and enjoy nashville, and go to bushman brewhouse……..they have a smallcut and a large cut, breading is perfect……….

  3. Boycott this place and any other business these so called owners are a part of. They are horrible people, didn’t pay employees forever and then we finally got our checks and they BOUNCED! Closed the doors randomly one day at one of their bars because they weren’t competent enough to know what good food and good drinks were. Cheapest people ever, oh ya, and charged everyone tax, customers and employees and KEPT IT! They are slimy, nasty people. I urge, beg you to help us run them out of town!

      • Harsh people…I honestly think the place is awesome and the people there are great. To each his own!

      • Just wanted to say that I am Nicole Goble, and I did not make that comment that says Harsh, to each its own. I agree with to each its own, however, all of the stuff written is true and that is not the meaning of the saying. Stand firm, boycott Bertees.

  4. I have been here several times and it has always just been okay

    TERRIBLE!!!!! WILL NOT EVER BE BACK!!!! I wish I had the bar tenders number because I believe I would have received service faster if I could have text my order to her.

    As if that was not bad enough, I was in the bathroom and witnessed two cooks leave without washing their hands!!! I even stepped back after finishing my business so they could wash their hands before me, he simply stated, “Oh thanks man, you go ahead.” and then they both left the bathroom!

    I made up an excuse not to eat my food and told my wife to do the same. We were there with another couple and, I did not want to ruin their meal as well, so I said nothing to them. As luck would have it, they took two bites of their food and hated it anyway.

    The floors are ALWAYS dirty, they are constantly doing weird and inconvenient construction jobs, the food is awful and the staff is less than friendly and ALWAYS drinking while working.

    The woman in charge of the poker tournament acts so much above everyone else that it would lead you to believe that she actually invented the game of poker.

    They managed to find the most self-absorbed musician to run a weekly karaoke contest…

    They DO have great drink specials on some nights… which kept us coming back for a little while; however, due to all things cited above that occur on a daily and weekly basis… we will NEVER be back.

    The owners are also really friendly… JUST KIDDING! On late nights you can find them sitting in front of the bar binge drinking and making patrons feel like they are bothering them by entering their establishment… I am only trying to support a locally owned establishment, I was unaware that was such an awful thing to do.

    I have been to BerTee’s Sports Cafe several times; it is my own fault that I keep going back… I guess a part of me wishes it would close up and a real bar would magically appear. Do yourself a favor and GO TO CASSLER’S KITCHER & BAR, MO’S IRISH PUB or just DRINK & EAT AT HOME before attempting this nightmare of a restaurant.


    Please do the world a favor and go into a business in which public health, safety and sanity are not compromised!

    Henry B.

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