Don and Dona’s Restaurant, Franklin, Indiana

Don and Dona’s restaurant is located in historic Franklin, Indiana.  We were there to see “A Christmas Story” in the restored Artcraft Theater with friends, and popped in to Don and Dona’s for lunch before the show.
Don and Dona’s is decorated with local art and memorabilia, and has quite an extensive menu, with daily specials.  Their menu consists of plate lunches,  sandwiches, a steak or two, and a full breakfast menu.  Their prices are quite reasonable, with most specials  including 2 sides, in the $7.95 range.  My dining companions chose the Fried Chicken special and also the Chicken Fried Steak special, and both rated them as very good.  Both also RAVED about their mashed potatos, which, apparently, are legendary.

They feature their breaded tenderloin quite prominently on their menu, and it comes in two sizes, a single and a double.  The single is $5.95 and comes with chips, and the double is $7.95, also with chips.  For an additional charge, you can add fries or onion rings, or for a bit more you can add two sides, which is what I did. I added a salad and onion rings.  I must say that the side salads was one of the best I’ve ever had..loaded with cheese, different kinds of greens, and more.

Their menu says this about the sandwich:  “our tenderloins are cut and tenderized daily, and we guarantee “no fat”.

That certainly seemed to be the case.  The meat itself was top notch..tasty, moist, and fresh, and there was nary a hint of fat or gristle in the meat.  One of the best cuts of meat I’ve ever had…I would not hesitate at all to give the meat itself a 5 out of 5…outstanding.

The breading? Not so much.  Although the meat to breading ratio was perfect, the taste of the breading was…bland.  That’s the only word I can think of to describe it.  The texture was great, with enough, yet not TOO much crunch, but…there was just no taste to it.
There were a couple of other issues that downgrade the rating of this sandwich.  1, the bun isn’t toasted, and, 2,  they skimped on the condiments.  I asked for onion, as always, and instead of a slice of onion, I got two little rings.

Overall, I’m going to give Don and Dona’s breaded tenderloin sandwich a 3 out of 5.  Above average, but just barely.  It’s too bad..with just a little work and a little more attention to detail, it’d be the cream of the crop.

I certainly WILL go back to Don and Dona’s.   The atmosphere is comfortable, the service is simply outstanding, and the prices are reasonable.  It merits a return visit, but next time, I’ll choose something else off of the menu.

Don and Dona’s is located at 18 E Jefferson Street in Franklin, Indiana.  It’s an all ages restaurant with a kids menu for families.


3 thoughts on “Don and Dona’s Restaurant, Franklin, Indiana

  1. Awesome people,food, service, staff is incredible and the owners have hearts of gold. Franklin does not realize what is sitting downtown and waiting for them… Franklin needs to wake up….

  2. Very nice staff and owners! There always working to see that your meal and service is the best. If you have not been there go one time to see what im talking about. You will be glad you did. I was!!

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